Daily Archives: 14 January 2006

Question Time Campaign Continues

Both Radio 4 and Sky News have announced plans to hold televised hustings for the Lib Dem Leadership. But I still think that it is of sufficient importance to justify a slot on BBC1.

With the real – even likely – possibility of a hung parliament after the next General Election, the next Lib Dem leader is an important decision from the point of view of the whole country. And while only Lib Dem members can vote, public reaction to the candidates will be a factor.

So if you haven’t already, write to the producers and demand they have a Question Time special. They set a precedent for the Tories last year, and must not be allowed to flip flop now.

Shock! Politician says the truth!

We finally seem to be getting into policy differences

Mr Huhne called for a switch in the burden of taxation with higher environmental taxes. He said: “That will, of course, hurt. It is actually going to be painful for some people, for example through their fuel bills, on people who are heavy users of petrol and other fuels.

My God! A politician talking about environmental policy and not pretending that all it will do is create extra jobs in the environmental sector and improve people’s quality of life? We live in heady times!

The consensus on Chris Huhne’s launch appears to be that it was very good. Unfortunately, the BBC decided not to cover it so I can’t see for myself.