7 questions for candidates

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I’ve been working with a small group of party activists on a number of questions to put to the leadership contenders. We’ve now agreed the list and they have been sent to all the candidates who have declared.

  1. In view of the General Election and events since, would you agree that a fundamental overhaul of our communications function is urgently needed? What changes would you direct? Is the structure of the party’s campaigning and communications adequate to meet the challenges of the next General Election?
  2. How should our policy platform, especially our approach to the provision of public services, be different to that of the other parties?
  3. British politics is paradoxically becoming more localised in outlook and more fragmented on single issues. How do you propose the party maximising its effectiveness with both trends in mind?
  4. How would you seek to retain the support gained through the Party’s principled stance over Iraq? In particular, how would you seek to retain, develop, and involve the Muslim and other minority ethnic communities?
  5. It is extremely unlikely that we will have a woman candidate for leader. How would you work to ensure the next leader of the Party is a woman? How will you work to make sure we have a more diverse range of parliamentarians, front-bench spokespeople and future leaders?
  6. It is very possible that the 2008/09 General Election will return no majority government. What would your declared position be in answer to pre-election speculation about such a scenario; what (if anything) would be your response if it occurs?
  7. What will be your approach to the Party’s policy-making process? Do you intend to chair the Federal Policy Committee?

We await the response.

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