Lib Dem Leadership Face Off

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Matt T points me to this new face recognition software and tries a few bloggers with its celebrity database.

Of course, I HAD to have a go with Lib Dem leadership contenders.

So, here are the results:

  • Sir Menzies Campbell QC MP AC DC (this photo): Henry Fonda (69%), Peter Ustinov (61%), Gianni Agnelli (61%).
  • Simon Hughes (this photo): Herman Melville (61%), Sergio Vierra de Mello (60%), Kernal Ataturk (56%), Clint Eastwood (55%).
  • Mark Oaten (this photo): Bill Gates (55%), Tony Blair (54%), Martin Scorsese (53%).
  • Chris Huhne (this photo): Mario Vargas Llosa (61%), Neil Young (50%), Johannes Brahms (49%), Bill Murray (48%).
  • John Hemming (this photo): Greg Bear (54%), Leonardo di Caprio (53%), Pope Pius XII (53%), Jean Claude Van Damme (52%).

My opinion: Henry Fonda is a good match for Ming (for those too young to remember him, Fonda is the star of The Wrong Man and the Grapes of Wrath). It is a bit disconcerting that so many results are of obscure people I have never heard of, but it does explain John Hemming’s sex appeal. And, Mark Oaten as Gates and Blair? I rest my case.

UPDATE: Just realised who Herman Melville is. Quite appropriate, as for Simon Hughes leadership is a bit like a white whale that he endlessly pursues but never manages to harpoon.

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