Daily Archives: 11 January 2006

No politics please, we’re British

I have to admit to having some sympathy for Zoe Williams’ argument here that the other Big Brother contestant commonly known as Maggot should be allowed a platform for his political views on BB. What’s the point of having him on otherwise?

True, broadcasting must be politically unbiased, but there is a simple solution there. Simply allow politicians from across the political spectrum equal airtime on the programme to put across their reaction.


At some point in the next General Election campaign, Dave is going to have to start being nasty about the Lib Dems. Yet, he has spent the last few weeks borrowing so many of our clothes, how on earth is he going to convince people that we have the wrong policies?

This latest article on crime is an excellent example. The Tories love to tell people how soft the Lib Dems are on crime; it’s their bread and butter. But we are now drawing together a tasty pile of quotes from Cameron himself that will make that next to impossible next time.

The Tories stopped the “decapitation” strategy last time by strict targeting of just a handful of seats around the country. Next time they will need to target more constituencies and yet will struggle to put clear blue water between us.

While it frustrates me how Lib Dem MPs often make excellent constituency caseworkers at the expense of national heavyweight political figures, it does make them tough to dislodge. I can see Cameron doing very well in the air war against us on current form, the progress the Tories made in 2005 in ground war campaigning looks to be squandered.

It really is looking better all the time.