I should have stayed on holiday

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Another one of those days of frantic media speculation about Kennedy’s leadership, with Charles due to make a statement in a few minutes (apparently about allegations related to alcohol abuse rather than a resignation, but we shall see).

I’ll resist the temptation to say too much until I’ve heard the statement. Except to say, for fuck’s sake! This has got to be the most inept political assassination in history, with no decisive killing blow, no clear successor, the clear perception that it is a panic reaction to Cameron and, in general, a random lurch from one thing to the next. This is Julius Caesar, with the Keystone Cops playing the senators and tripping over their togas.

As of this moment, the only person I’m convinced is in any way fit to lead the Lib Dems is Charles Kennedy. The rest are an utter shower.

5 thoughts on “I should have stayed on holiday

  1. I am a resident of Inverness currently residing in Kuwait. I have just listened to Charles Kennedy on Sky News giving his statement on his drinking problem and how he is dealing with it.
    Thanks Charles for being open and honest about it. You are no longer alone with your problem as you know. You have been doing a good job as leader of the party and there is every reason for me to believe that you will be able to do an even better job now that you are dealing with your alcohol problem.
    Do not be put off by those that have no idea of what you are trying to do. It takes honesty and courage to do what you have just done. If you ever visit Kuwait, there are people here who can identify very strongly with you and who would be happy to share a cup of coffee with you. I am one of those.
    May your God be with you Charles and keep it going -a day at a time…………William Douglas

  2. Charles Kennnedy has committed hari kiri in public. He has to go, and go quickly.

    Sadly, a leadership election will drag on into the spring, diverting attention from the crucial local elections.

    A Campbell coronation is the ideal solution, but it would leave Hughes, Oaten and a few others constantly having their behaviour analysed in terms of leadership ambition. I think Cambpell has the authority, but it is far from certain.

    “Inept” is barely the word. David Davis once said “when you are hunting big game you have to kill with the first shot”. Exactly. Kennedy’s enemies should have bided their time until they were certain they had majority support in the Parliamentary Party before striking.

    Campbell should lead us through the next general election, by which time some attractive pretenders might have established themselves.

    PS: Simon Hughes still doesn’t quite make the grading in my estimation, and I can’t see Mark Oaten being much of a hit with Joe Public. Ming Cambpell is a leading member of the Scottish criminal bar and an acknowledged expert on international affairs. He commands respect across the spectrum.

  3. Sorry Angus, not sure if you are advocating a coronation, but I think coronations should be kept for royalty.

    If we are going to have a new leader the members should be given a real choice of candidates to pick from.

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