Daily Archives: 5 January 2006

I should have stayed on holiday

Another one of those days of frantic media speculation about Kennedy’s leadership, with Charles due to make a statement in a few minutes (apparently about allegations related to alcohol abuse rather than a resignation, but we shall see).

I’ll resist the temptation to say too much until I’ve heard the statement. Except to say, for fuck’s sake! This has got to be the most inept political assassination in history, with no decisive killing blow, no clear successor, the clear perception that it is a panic reaction to Cameron and, in general, a random lurch from one thing to the next. This is Julius Caesar, with the Keystone Cops playing the senators and tripping over their togas.

As of this moment, the only person I’m convinced is in any way fit to lead the Lib Dems is Charles Kennedy. The rest are an utter shower.