Save the Rennets!

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I am simply shocked – shocked – to learn that such barbarity still continues in this country and will henceforth only eat cheese made entirely from vegetables.

6 thoughts on “Save the Rennets!

  1. No such hamster-like creature as ‘the Rennet’. Rennet is a substance obtained from the stomach lining of newborn calves slaughtered so they do not drink their mother’s milk. Vegetarian cheese is indeed rennet-free so most of the otehr detaisl on tehs ite are on the level.

  2. Follow the links to the Penguin breeders, even better. I opened it up when leaving here, made me coffee, went back to the tab an hour later with no idea how I’d got there, wonders of technorati brings me back here.

    Where do you find such things?

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