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I wonder if there is anyone out there of a techy bent that would like to check something out for me.

I am a bear of very little brain, and have been struggling to figure out how to put newsfeeds up on this blog. I kind of supposed it would be a simple few lines of code and everything would appear as if by magic. Clearly not so.

In particular, I’ve been wanting to put a feed from my account here for some while, but haven’t been able to find a plugin that would do the trick. Frustrated, I’ve attempted to come up with something myself, which you should now see at the top of my sidebar.

The code for the plugin can be found here (delicious.txt) – it is based partly on a more complex system by Alexander Malov which I couldn’t get to work. I’ve gone for simplicity here, but now I’m worried it’s going to make my website explode or something. Can anyone help?


UPDATE: I’ve just updated my plugin to 1.1 – this version caches the file every half an hour with a view to reducing strain on the site itself. Can think of a couple of tweaks – eg. subroutine for not creating a new cache if the site is down – but still can’t quite believe it could be so simple (or everyone would be doing it). What have I missed?

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  1. It is that simple, the main reason people don’t do it is bandwidth, coding skills and lack of a proper server to run scripts on.
    I’ve been using the php file() command for years to read html from various web pages.
    Obviously having caching in between helps cut down bandwidth on both your and their server.

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