More ironies

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With apologies to any American readers out there, a couple more notes on my bemusement of the sheer zaniness of British politics:

  • The Government pontificating on the need to listen to professionals when it comes to the police, while doing the exact opposite in the far more complicated field of medicine.
  • Labour legislating to prevent “losers” in first-past-the-post elections to the Welsh Assembly from also standing in the top up list elections, and calling for similar reforms to be made in Scotland, while simultaneously rewarding one of their most famous losers in this year’s General Election with a life peerage.

1 thought on “More ironies

  1. “Leave it to the experts” is rarely an adequate argument in politics.

    If we had left health policy to the doctors we would not have had Lloyd George’s National Insurane Act in 1911 or the National Health Service in 1948.

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